American Communist History

American Comunist History_ Volume 4, Number 2 / December 2008


“Some Specks on the Turtle’s Back: Introduction”

“A Peripheral Vision: Communist Historiography in Britain” by John Mcilroy and Alan Campbell

“A Comment on the Historiography of Communism in Britain” by Keith Laybourn

“Why Were They So Afraid of Communist Influence?” by Mary Davis and John Foster

“Frissions of Familiarity” by John Earl Haynes

“The Superterranean World of British Communist Historiography” by James G. Ryan

“‘Who ARE these guys?!’ Politics, Passions, Peculiarities, and Polemics in the Historiography of British Communism” by Bryan D. Palmer

“Some Problems of Communist History” by John Mcilroy and Alan Campbell

“Open Archives and Open Minds: ‘Traditionalists’ versus ‘Revisionists’after Venona” by Maurice Isserman
“Reflections of a Traditionalist Historian” by Harvey Klehr

“Rejoinder” by Maurice Isserman

“Response” by Harvey Klehr

“Not Just Another Political Party” by Arthur Eckstein

“The Communist Party's Grassroots Labor and Political Activism Circa 1920 to 1960: Of North Carolina Tobacco Workers, Pennsylvania Anthracite Radicals and the Cold War” by Victor G. Devinatz

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