Existem em arquivo três manifestos da Aliança Liberal Portuguesa de New Bedford, Massachussets, EUA:

Manifesto. Editado pela Aliança Liberal Portuguesa de New Bedford, Mass. – 97 Rivet Street, 14 de Outubro de 1934.

Manifesto: A Autópsia dum Imbecil. Editado pela Aliança Liberal Portuguesa de New Bedford, Mass, Outubro de 1935.

Manifesto – O terrorismo fascista em Portugal» Editado pela Aliança Liberal Portuguesa de New Bedford, Mass, EUA. Data: Novembro de 1938. (aqui reproduzido).


A Aliança Liberal Portuguesa era uma organização oposicionista portuguesa, com elementos ligados aos comunistas americanos, que se aproximou da Frente Popular. O FBI investigou-a no âmbito dos processos anti-comunistas do Committee on Un-American Activities. Vejam-se as declarações de um informador da comunidade portuguesa em INVESTIGATION OF COMMUNIST ACTIVITIES IN THE NEW ENGLAND AREA— PART 3:

Mr. Arens. Is there another organization known by you to be controlled by the Communist conspiracy in the New England area ?

Mr. Penha. There is very unfortunately the Clube Alianca Liberal Portuguesa.

I say very unfortunately, because, as I stated the first day, less than one percent of the people of Portuguese extraction in the New Bedford area — and I am sure this is true elsewhere — are anti- Communist.

Mr. Arens. Perhaps you could help us on our record by spelling the title of that organization.

Mr. Penha, C-1-u-b-e A-1-i-a-n-c-a Liberal would be the same as English, and actually Portuguesa, which you can say Portuguese, which is — it is the same.

Mr. Arens. You said a moment ago, if my recollection serves me correctly, that a very high percentage of them were not anti-Communist. You mean they loere anti-Communist, do you not?

Mr. Penha. If I said tliat, I did that with —

Mr. Arens. A slip of the tongue?

Mr. Penha. I thought I did say “anti-Red,” I think. If you read that back I am quite sure I did.

Mr. Arens. I want to be quite sure the record is straight on that.

Mr. Penha. There is no doubt in my mind on that, sir.

Mr. Arens. Now kindly give us the names of the principal leaders of this organization who to your certain knowledge are Communists ?

Mr. Penha. The leader in this club is John Cordeiro who happens to be the father-in-law of Douglas Perry. He has held official positions on the club. There are other persons in the club who were in the past Communist members, but as I stated before, I would only mention those as being in tlie party during my time, even though they have admitted to me and to district officials, that they were party members. I will not reveal them unless ordered to.

Mr. Arens. How many members are there in the club ?

Mr. Penha. I would say between 65 to 80.

Mr. Arens. And how many of those members are Communists ?

Mr. Penha. One.

Mr. Arens. And does the Communist Party control the policy of the club, notwithstanding the overwhelming majority who are not Communists ?

Mr. Penha. Absolutely, sir. That club has had during the past 3’ears persons like Elizabeth Gurley Flynn speaking there, Nat Mills, Joseph Figueiredo, Anne Burlak Timpson, Eulalia Figueiredo, and, of course, myself, at that time.

Oh, I would like to make a correction here, sir. That club has an auxiliary, a woman’s auxiliary. Mary Figueirido was a member of that auxiliary, and she held also official positions.

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