Daniel Johnson,  Scholars Examine Impact of 1960s, New University

“Professors from across the nation and overseas met at UC Irvine to discuss how the 1960s impacts the present at “The Future of the Sixties: Radicalism, Reform, Reaction,” an event held in Humanities Instructional Building 135 on April 25 to 26.”

Cynthia Littleton, 1968 was the media’s moment. Instant news, pop culture rose in stormy year, Variety, 25 de Abril de 2008.

“The whole world is watching — and revisiting the era when the real-time media diaspora as we know it today began to take shape. Television loves a good anniversary story — there’s no cheaper programming to produce than clip shows — but of late TV and other media outlets have been obsessed with revisiting the events of 1968. Newsweek declared 1968 to be nothing less than “the year that made us who we are” in a cover story in November.”

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