The Institute of National Remembrance (Poland) international scholarly conference to mark the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Communist Information Bureau (Cominform). The conference is to be held from 26 to 29 September 2007 near Szklarska Poreba in Poland, where Cominform was established in 1947.


International Conference – “The Communist Movement, 1944 to 1956” – 26-28 September 2007


27 September 2007

I. Communist Parties in Central and Eastern Europe in the Period of Seizure of Power from 1944 to 1948

1. Dr. László Borhi (Hungary) – The Communist Seizure of Power in Hungary,


2. Prof. Dennis Deletant (UK) – The Path to Power of the Romanian Communist

Party and the Foundations of the Totalitarian State, 1944-1948.

3. Prof. Jerzy Eisler (Poland) – Two leaders: Bierut or Gomulka?

4. Prof. Mark Kramer (USA) – Stalin and the Imposition of Communists

Systems in East-Central Europe.

5. Dr. Vasil Paraskevov (Bulgaria) – The Bulgarian Workers’ Party on the

Road to One-Party Rule, 1944-1948.

6. Dr. Jerca Vodusek-Staric (Slovenia) – The Yugoslav Model of Seizure of

Power (1944-1948) and the Cominform.

Chair: Dr Pavel Pavel Zácek (Czech Republic)


Discussant: Prof. Andrzej Paczkowski (Poland)


II. Communist Parties in Central and Eastern Europe from 1949 to 1956



1. Dr Petr Blazek (Czech Republic) – The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia,



2. Dr. Daina Bleiere (Latvia) – Latvians in the Latvian Communist Party,



3. Dr. Mario Kessler (Germany) – The Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED)

as a Party of “New Type”.


4. Dr. Ana Lalaj (Albania) – Albania and the Informbureau, 1947-1956


5. Dr. István Otvos (Hungary) – Creating a Distance from the Popular Front:

The Political Dimensions of the Rajk Trial.


6. Dr. Aleksander Srebrakowski (Poland) – The Communist Party of Lithuania,

1944-1956: Fellow Countrymen or Aliens?


Chair: János Tischler (Hungary)


Discussant: Dr. Leszek Gluchowski (Canada)


28 September 2007


III. Communist Parties in the West from 1944 to 1956




1. Dr José Faraldo (Spain) – From Guerrilla to Infiltration. The Spanish

Communist Party in Exile and at Home, 1945-1950.


2. Dr. Idesbald Goddeeris (Belgium) – Belgian Communists and the Eastern



3. Dr. John Haynes (USA) – The ‘Mental Comintern’ and the Self-Destructive

Tactics of CPUSA, 1945-1958.


4. Matteo Lodevole (UK/Italy) – Communist Mass Mobilisation and Labour

Strategies in France and Italy, 1944-1953.


5. Dr. Wolfgang Mueller (Austria) – The Communist Party of Austria and the

Soviet Policy vis à vis Austria, 1944-1955.


6. Dr. Herbert Romerstein (USA) – Soviet Power Projection and the Communist

Party of the USA during the Cominform Era.


Chair: Bernd Schäfer (USA/Germany)




IV. Internal Relations in the Worldwide Communist Movement from 1944 to 1956


1. August Grabski, Dr. Urszula Lugowska (Poland) – International Jewish Communist Movement, 1944-1956.


2. Dr. Andreas Hilger (Germany) – Asia as a Target of ‘Interational Communism’? Moscow vis à vis the Communist Party of India.


3. Dr. Andrei Lankov (Korea/Russia) – The Soviet Politburo Decisions on the Korea Issue, 1945-1950.


4. Dr. Nikolai Starikov (Russia) – Conspirativistic Mentality of the Cominform: Specific Political Mentality of the Cold War.


5. Prof. Quiang Zhai (USA) – Chinese-Vietnamese Communist Reations, 1946-1956.


6. Aleksander Zivotic (Serbia) – Relations between the Communist Party of

Yugoslavia and Bulgarian and Albanian Communist Parties, 1945-1948.


Chair: Dr. Bozena Szaynok (Poland)


Discussant: Dr. Alexandr Stykalin (Russia)


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