Transcreve-se em seguida o texto de apresentação e a constituição do grupo editorial de uma nova publicação dedicada à história do movimento comunista: Chapters in the History of Communist and Socialism (CHOCS)


CHOCS is a new, online journal which focuses on the history of communism and socialism, with no geographical or chronological limits.

The sudden collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989-91, the rapid transition from communism to capitalism in the last two decades, and the decline elsewhere of communist, socialist and revolutionary movements with or without a genuine popular base, has meant that these societies and movements, once an important factor in world politics, have a history to be written; and one that can, in present circumstances, be more easily written.

Our journal, Chapters in the History of Communist and Socialism (CHOCS), aims to be a forum for the analysis of the history of these movements, presenting the latest findings of researchers from all parts of the world – in particular from formerly closed societies where archival research is now more feasible, but also taking the opportunity to give a voice to those who participated in, or observed, such movements.

Whilst particularly encouraging work on the history of communism and socialism in the 20th century, we will also encourage submission of work on earlier historical periods, written from theoretical or historical perspectives. We do not wish to confine ourselves simply to those states of the former ‘communist bloc’, important as their experience is – articles on (for example) aspects of the communist and socialist experience in the USA or France, UK or Australia, South Africa or Indonesia will be welcome.

CHOCS will deal with ideas as well as organisations, with theory as well as practice; in short, with communism and socialism in its many manifestations.

Within this broad historical and geographical remit, we particularly hope to analyse some of the less familiar periods, events and figures in the history of communist and socialist movements, and contributions that fit this remit are welcome.

We should emphasise that CHOCS is completely non-sectarian and open to authors of all political persuasions who have interesting or original contributions which fit the journal’s remit. Naturally, as an academic journal we will not accept contributions which use racist, sexist or generally inappropriate language.

Our intended audience is not only academics but anyone with a general interest in the subject matter; and our authors will include academics, but also others who have a contribution to make to the understanding of the experience of socialism and communism.

CHOCS will consist of a twice-yearly journal, run by an Editorial Board, published as an online journal on this website. The journal will feature articles (peer-reviewed), reviews, research notes and notes on work in progress, memoir pieces, biographical notes.

The website will include the current issue of the journal, the journal archive, and notes from the Editorial Board.

We encourage you to submit manuscripts to the editors at :

April 2005

Patrick Goode, Paul Wingrove,

Editorial and advisory board

Patrick Goode, Paul Wingrove (Greenwich, UK), Robert Benewick (Sussex, UK), Lavinia Betea (Bucharest, Romania), Hua Qingzhao (Tianjin, China), Kate Hudson (London South Bank, UK), Rick Simon (Nottingham Trent, UK).

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