Indíce de Communist History Network Newsletter, Issue 17, Autumn 2004

Editors’ introduction


British Communists in the DNB

New ‘Communist Lives’ series

Sally Belfrage papers

Socialist History Journal website

Research Notes

Women in the early CPGB: sources in the Bodleian Library’, Matthew Worley

Thesis Reports
‘The Communist Party of the United States and the Communist International, 1919-1929’, Jacob A Zumoff

‘The Politics of Working Class Communism in Greece, 1918-1936’, Anastasis Ghikas

‘West European Communism, Proletarian Internationalism and the Czechoslovak Crisis of 1968-1969: A Comparative Study of the Italian and French Communist Parties’, Maud Bracke

‘”The Past is Ours”: The Political Usage of English History by the British Communist Party, and the Role of Dona Torr in the Creation of its Historians’ Group, 1930-56′, Antony Howe


‘Aksel Larsen and the CIA’, Steve Parsons

‘A House on Chausseestrasse’, Archie Potts

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