Saiu um novo número da revista dos historiadores do comunismo americano, de que se publica o índice:

_American Communist History_ 3, no. 1 (June 2004).


Lichtman, Robert M. “Louis Budenz, the FBI, and the ‘list of 400 Concealed
Communists’: An Extended Tale of McCarthy-Era Informing.”

Zieger, Robert H. “The Evolving Cold War: The Changing Character of the Enemy Within, 1949-63.”

Notes and Documents

Filardo, Peter Meyer. “United States & Comparative Communist History:
Bibliography 2003.”

Perry, Jeffrey B. “Pseudonyms: A Reference Aid for Studying American Communist History.”


Devinatz, Victor G. “Shades of Red: The Leninist Left and the Shaping of the 20th -Century US Trade Union Movement.” Review essay on Stepan-Norris and Zeitlin’s _Left Out_, Donninger and Donninger’s _Not Automatic_, and Le Blanc and Barrett’s _Revolutionary Labor Socialist_.

Hill, Rebecca. “Re-Evaluating the CPUSA’s Answer to the Woman Question.” Review essay of Weigand’s _Red Feminism_.


Berghahn, Volker R. Review of Richmond’s _Cultural Exchange and the Cold War_.

Coker, Jeffrey W. Review of Lyons’ _The People of this Generation_.

Knight, Nathaniel. Review of Patenaude _The Big Show in Bololand_.

Lyons, Paul. Review of Coker’s _Confronting American Labor_.

Steege, Paul. Review of Smith’s _Kidnap City_.

Stewart, Jack. Review of Shachtman’s _”Race and Revolution_.

Whitfield, Stephen J. Review of Haynes and Klehr’s_ In Denial_.

Zahavi, Gerald. Review of Barrett’s _William Z. Foster_.


Karetzky, Stephen. Comment of Steilow’s review of Karetzky’s _Not Seeing Red_.

McDaniel, Dennis K. and Katherine A.S. Sibley, exchange on Sibley’s “Soviet-Military-Industrial Espionage.”

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  1. Já iniciei a leitura desse livro, mas parei para ler o código Da Vinci que estou a achar uma excelente crítica à igreja católica e aos pensamento ocidental.

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