Por iniciativa de Electronic Archives, Moscow (ELAR) e IDC Publishers, vão estar disponíveis este Verão cerca de 1000000 de páginas de documentos dos arquivos da Internacional Comunista.

Comintern Archives Online
Expected release: summer 2004

Electronic Archives, Moscow (ELAR) and IDC Publishers started a Joint Venture that will provide online access to the Comintern Archives. This Joint Venture of IDC and ELAR will enable scholars to search an online inventory to the complete Comintern Archives of 55,000,000 pages. At start of this online service 1,000,000 pages from the Comintern Archives will be available online. The Comintern Archives online is result of a project carried out by the International Committee for the Computerization of the Komintern Archives (INCOMKA). The number of online documents will increase as a result of future projects that will be conducted in cooperation with INCOMKA and other organizations.



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