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H-NET is the world’s largest scholarly society dedicated to the free and open application of new media to scholarship, teaching, and service in the humanities and social sciences. Its driving energy comes from hundreds of volunteer field experts who serve as editors and advisors for H-NET’s vast collection of communications networks, where hundreds of thousands of subscribers and readers meet to share information, discuss their professional and educational interests, and pursue the life of the mind online. H-NET’s networks are also the source of H-NET Reviews in the Humanities & Social Sciences, the internet’s largest online repository of scholarly reviews of books, film, and multimedia. H-NET also provides a Job Guide and a powerful events and announcements system to disseminate accurate and timely information about available academic positions, conferences, seminars, fellowships, and other opportunities for scholars, teachers, and the interested public.

In order to preserve the integrity and independence of H-NET’s networks, our constitution and by-laws prohibit commercial advertising or subscription- based access to H-NET’s resources. We therefore fund our services through grants, revenues for Job Guide advertisments, and donations – your donations.
The funds we raise from these and other sources support the staff, computing resources, and programming talent that generate powerful and useful content for our editors and their networks.

You can support H-NET with your donation. You can donate online, by mail or by telephone:
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H-Net has applied to the US Revenue Service to be classified as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. A decision is expected on this application by July 1, 2004 and will apply retroactively to February 2004. Donations to non-profit organizations classified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.

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