A partir do indíce do material microfilmado que está depositado na Biblioteca do Congresso, segue uma lista dos fundos (opisi) da Internacional Comunista pelo Projecto INCOMKA. Um total de 1,059,354 páginas de documentos (cerca de 5% do total de documentos da IC) estão microfilmados e são acessíveis em qualquer instituição que faça parte do projecto.

Fond 488 Opis 1 First Congress Comintern 922 images

Fond 488 Opis 1 Second Congress of the Comintern 5,965 images

Fond 495 Opis 1: Executive Committee of the Communist International (ECCI)
12,195 images

Fond 495 Opis 2: Presidium of the ECCI 50,319 images

Fond 495 Opis 3: Political Secretariat of the ECCI 84,072 images

Fond 495 Opis 4: Political Commission of the Political Secretariat of the ECCI 71,741 images

Fond 495 Opis 6: Small Commission of the ECCI 2,497 images

Fond 495 Opis 7: Permanent Commission of the ECCI 4,028 images

Fond 495 Opis 11: Secretariat of Wilhelm Pieck of the ECCI 27,675 images

Fond 495 Opis 12: Secretariat of Ercoli (Palmiro Togliatti) of the ECCI
14,564 images

Fond 495 Opis 13: Secretariat of Klement Gottwald of the ECCI 4,563 images

Fond 495 Opis 13a: Additional records of the Secretariat of Klement
Gottwald of the ECCI 2,251 images

Fond 495 Opis 14: Secretariat of André Marty of the ECCI 49,561 images

Fond 495 Opis 15: Florin Secretariat of the ECCI 28,482 images

Fond 495 Opis 16: Secretariat of Ottomar Kuusinen of the ECCI 13,314

Fond 495 Opis 17: Secretariat of Dolores Ibarruri of the ECCI 12,825

Fond 495 Opis 18: Secretariat of the ECCI 131,302 images

Fond 495 Opis 24: Enlarged Presidium of the ECCI 7,538 images

Fond 495 Opis 26: Orgburo (Organizational Bureau) of the Secretariat of the ECCI 4,037 images

Fond 495 Opis 27: Illegal Commission of Orgburo of the ECCI 920 images

Fond 495 Opis 28: Middle-European Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI 21,996 images

Fond 495 Opis 29: Communist Party of Brazil 11,402 images

Fond 495 Opis 31: Scandinavian Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI
24,002 images

Fond 495 Opis 32 Latin Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI 31,942 images

Fond 495 Opis 35: Austrian Commissions of the Comintern 777 images

Fond 495 Opis 36: Agrarian Section of the Comintern 2,424 images

Fond 495 Opis 37: American Commissions of the Comintern 9,813 images

Fond 495 Opis 38: English Commissions of the Comintern 3,235 images

Fond 495 Opis 39: Bulgarian Commissions of the Comintern 498 images

Fond 495 Opis 40: Hungarian Commissions of the Comintern 1,215 images

Fond 495 Opis 41: Dutch Commissions of the Comintern 436 images

Fond 495 Opis 42: Indian Commissions of the Comintern 1,837 images

Fond 495 Opis 43: Italian Commissions of the Comintern 1,278 images

Fond 495 Opis 44: Chinese Commissions of the Comintern 1,577 images

Fond 495 Opis 45: Korean Commission of the Comintern 1,506 images

Fond 495 Opis 46: Reorganization Commission of the ECCI 892 images

Fond 495 Opis 47: German Commissions of the Comintern 4,329 images

Fond 495 Opis 48: Norwegian Commission of the Comintern 2,301 images

Fond 495 Opis 49: Polish Commissions of the Comintern 3,715 images

Fond 495 Opis 50: Program Commission of the Comintern 1,094 images

Fond 495 Opis 51: Trade Union Commission of the Comintern 3,686 images

Fond 495 Opis 52: Rumanian Commissions of the Comintern 3,051 images

Fond 495 Opis 53: Scandinavian Commissions of the Comintern 616 images

Fond 495 Opis 54: Ukrainian Commissions of the Comintern 955 images

Fond 495 Opis 55: French Commissions of the Comintern 4,213 images

Fond 495 Opis 56: Czechoslovakian Commissions of the Comintern 1,629 images

Fond 495 Opis 57: Swedish Commission of the Comintern 793 images

Fond 495 Opis 58: Yugoslav Commissions of the Comintern 815 images

Fond 495 Opis 59: Japanese Commissions of the Comintern 669 images

Fond 495 Opis 60: Archives of Various Commissions of the Comintern 12,913 images

Fond 495 Opis 61: Polish-Baltic Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI
21,639 images

Fond 495 Opis 72: Anglo-American Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI
18,272 images

Fond 495 Opis 77: Archive of correspondence and other documents about Comintern work among POWs (Second World War) 6,089 images

Fond 495 Opis 78: Editorial-Publications of the ECCI 21,677 images

Fond 495 Opis 79: Latin American Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI
15,699 images

Fond 495 Opis 101: Latin American Secretariat (Landersekretariat) of the ECCI 5,153 images

Fond 495 Opis 102: Archive of Secretariat of D. Ibarruri 756 images

Fond 495 Opis 155: Negro Department of Eastern Secretariat the Comintern
5,468 images

Fond 495 Opis 292: Archive of German Communist Party Representatives to the ECCI 14,118 images

Fond 495 Opis 293: ECCI on the Communist Party of Germany 14,138 images

Fond 496 Opis 1: Magazine The Communist International 10,071 images

Fond 497 Opis 1: Bulletins and Materials of the Press Office of the Amsterdam Bureau of the Comintern 982 images

Fond 497 Opis 2: Correspondence with Communist parties of the Amsterdam Bureau of the Comintern 1,000 images

Fond 498 Opis 1: Vienna Bureau (Southeast) of the Comintern 4,431 images

Fond 499 Opis 1: West European Bureau of the Comintern 6,164 images

Fond 500 Opis 1: Caribbean (and Central American) Bureau of the Comintern
1,029 images

Fond 502 Opis 1: Southern Bureau of the Comintern 3,108 images

Fond 504 Opis 1: Statistics and Information Institute (Varga Bureau) in Berlin of the ECCI 56,584 images

Fond 506 Opis 1: Cooperative Section of the ECCI 22,746 images

Fond 508 Opis 1: Protocols of the Delegation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the ECCI 3,940 images

Fond 508 Opis 2: Correspondence and other documents of the Delegation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the ECCI 484 images

Fond 508 Opis 3: Correspondence and other documents of the Delegation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the ECCI 2,251 images

Fond 526 Opis 1: Fond (Personal Papers) of E. Thalmann 7,704 images

Fond 531 Opisi 1: Orders, correspondence and documents of sectors and the landersecretariats of the Comintern’s International Lenin School 21,417 images

Fond 531 Opisi 2: Documents of the parties, young Communist leagues,and unions with the Comintern’s International Lenin School 7,972 images

Fond 538 Opisi 1: Congresses and conferences of International Workers Relief
1,762 images

Fond 538 Opisi 2: Archive of Russian Famine Relief and International Workers Relief 15,974 images

Fond 538 Opisi 3: Documents and other materials of International Workers Relief 32,318 images

Fond 540 Opis 1: International Federation of Revolutionary Theaters 13,790 images

Fond 540 Opis 3: International Federation of Revolutionary Theaters 392 images

Fond 541 Opis 1: International Secretariat of Proletarian and Revolutionary
Writers (International Federation of Revolutionary Writers) 2,806 images

Fond 542 Opis 1: Anti-Imperialist League 7,831 images

Fond 543 Opis 1: International Antifascist Organizations 5,448 images

Fond 543 Opis 2: International Antifascist Organizations: International Women’s Committee Against War and Fascism 4,749 images

Fond 551 Opis 1: Leipzig trial 5,848 images

Fond 615 Opis 1: Personal Papers of William Z. Foster 11,168 images

Total images 1,059,354

In addition to digitized scanned images, Incomka included a digitized comprehensive electronically text-searchable database of the Comintern collections at RGASPI. The database is an edited electronic version of the printed finding aids (which total more than 20,000 pages of archival descriptions) allowing rapid computer searches using file descriptors, key words, and personal or organizational names. The database allows rapid location of file descriptions of all of the files containing more than twenty-million pages of the Communist International records at RGASPI. The Incomka data base will be searchable in both Cyrillic alphabet Russian and Latin alphabet English.
A search will result in citations [fond-opis-delo (collection-inventory-file)] of every file description where the search terms occur as well as the description of that file with its title and keywords. If a search “hit” is on a file included among the scanned images, the documents in that file can be immediately called to the screen.

(H-NET Network on American Communism)

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