Communist History Network Newsletter, Issue 15: Autumn 2003

Editors’ introduction [ Read ]

* Reds! — CPGB History Exhibition [ Read ]
* ICBH CPGB Historiography Seminar transcript [ Read ]

Conference Announcement

* Communist Party of Great Britain Day Conference, 21 February 2004 [ Read ]

Thesis Report

* The Communist Party of Great Britain and the ‘collapse of socialism’: the CPGB, 1977-1991, Richard Cross [ Read ]


* James R. Barrett, W Z Foster and the Tragedy of American Radicalism, reviewed by Nina Fishman [ Read ]

* John McIlroy, Kevin Morgan and Alan Campbell (eds), Party People, Communist Lives – Explorations in Biography, reviewed by Steve Parsons [ Read ]

* Andy Croft and Adrian Mitchell (eds), Red Sky at night: an Anthology of British Socialist Poetry, reviewed by Charles Hobday [ Read ]

* Andy Croft, Comrade Heart: A Life of Randall Swingler, reviewed by Philip Bounds [ Read ]

* Faking Real Existing Socialism: some thoughts on Good Bye Lenin!, by Andrew Flinn [ Read ]

* John Callaghan, Cold War, Crisis and Conflict: The CPGB 1951-68, reviewed by David Childs [ Read ]

* Apollon Davidson, Irina Filatova, Valentin Gorodnov and Sheridan Johns, (eds), South Africa and the Communist International: A Documentary History, reviewed by Kevin Morgan [ Read ]

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